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Overview of KAIST

The Best Science and Technology University - moving the World from the Core

  • KAIST within Korea

  • KAIST was established in 1971 as a research focused university to foster elite human resources in science and technology that was in national demand.
  • KAIST within the World

  • KAIST has successfully become a well-respected member of the global science community.
  • The World within KAIST

  • KAIST now strives to become an institute the world looks to in science and technology education by offering the best education and experience to students to help them put together their dreams into a reality.

Founding Background

  • In recognition of the nation's need for elite human resources in science and technology, KAIST was founded to support industrialization as a part of Korea's economic development plan of the 70s.
  • To satisfy the national need for highly educated talents and to prevent leakage of intellectual scholars, a systematic graduate school of science and engineering was needed.
  • For such needs and more, the nation's first research oriented graduate school was built and developed into KAIST of today.

Founding Purpose

(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Constitution Article 1)

  • Educate and foster elite scientists for the future who are equipped with basic theories and the capabilities for practical application of such knowledge.
  • Carry out both long and short term basic and applied research that will enable the nation's strategic technological advancement.
  • Promote research collaborations between research institutions and the industries.