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The TKT CAMPUS-ASIA Consortium (2012-15)

Based on the Trilateral Cooperation Vision 2020 that was adopted between the governments of China, Japan and Korea, the TKT Campus-Asia Consortium was established in 2012 among the following universities:

Tsinghua University (China) KAIST (South Korea) Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
The program was designed to promote cooperation between the universities and offer valuable opportunities for students to be exposed to various technologies and cultures, while engendering social networks among the students of participating nations.

Programs Offered

The Campus Asia exchange program is an excellent opportunity for students to get a taste of their neighboring universities' education. All three universities are world class institutions with the finest academic standards. Tuition fees, housing, living expenses and health insurance will be fully covered and provided by the program. Students from all departments are welcomed to participate and credits earned through the program can be transferred back to their home university. The consortium universities offer three different types of programs for graduate students and undergraduate students in their third and fourth year.

  • Semester-long Exchange Program
  • Summer Program
  • Research-orientated Joint Education Program


The mission of Campus Asia is to foster future leaders in Asia through the student exchange program instituted by the TKT-Campus Asia consortium. The participating students will gain the promise of leading new paradigms in information technology not only in their respective local regions but also in the global community.


After successful delivery of the exchange program by 2015, the TKT-Campus-Asia consortium will seek further and closer collaboration among the participating universities to organize joint/dual degree programs.

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