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This era wires the globe into a close knit community, intertwined with diverse cultures and knowledge.
As a leading global research university, KAIST now has over 600 students from 70 different countries and this diversity requires us to promote global understanding and cultural awareness.
In order to compensate for this rapid change, the International Office will work to create an environment where different cultures can thrive in both a social and academic setting.

KAIST has not only functioned as a gateway to science and technology, but also to a globalized community.
To celebrate diversity, we must learn to appreciate our differences in order to become global leaders of today's world and set our differences aside, to interact with each other in creating a unique blend of cultures.
KAIST will continue to make improvements by creating and implementing programs and activities in order to further globalize KAIST, as well as encourage collaboration among international and domestic students and institutions alike.

The International Office will aid the international community to better adjust and understand Korea.
This office will put forth its utmost efforts to create a culturally interactive and tolerant environment by generating fruitful and diverse programs for the KAIST community.
We will serve as a place of cultural understanding and global friendship by offering programs and activities for everyone.